Kids are Learning Computer Programming with Rasberry Pi

What is Rasberry Pi?

A dessert.
Yes, but today we are talking about a new computer that is the size of a credit card.

The Rasberry Pi Foundation is a registered educational charity in the UK. This foundation set out to bring awareness to the ever growing industry of computer technology. Their goal is to provide a medium for students, that is both affordable, versatile and a great tool to learn about computer programming and how they can interact with everyday life. Not only is it a great educational medium, but it will help eliminate the amount of children and students without access to a home computer being they start at about $40.

So how does a computer the size of a credit card teach us about computer programming?

This device is not only small and affordable, but it plugs right into a TV or monitor, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse.
Rasberry Pi is a very capable device that can pretty much do everything your desktop computer can do, and has the capability of interacting with the outside world.

The Rasberry Pi is a great way to learn programming languages such as Python, and it uses a much more kid friendly programming language called Scratch. These programming languages allow the device to connect to weather machines, media servers, parent detectors, and even birdhouses with infrared cameras. This entices students to become engaged to learn more about computer programming and hardware.

In conclusion, the Rasberry Pi has great potential to educate students around the world on how to program computers to interact with other devices.

On a bigger scale, there is now even a robotics competition where students have the opportunity to build robots and compete in a competition with other teams in the area.
These robots can be built using devices such as the Rasberry Pi.

The students are required to navigate the robots through a series of events on the field. In the Pacific Northwest this event is organized by the PNW Robotics. The Rasberry Pi can be found at, so check them out, pick one up and start building a robot, or whatever entices you.

New Computer Calculates 640TBs Of Data In One Billionth Of A Second

HP’s latest invention is not a server, PC, or a phone.

It is more of a combination of all of these technologies in one.
It uses clusters of specialized cores instead of small generalized cores.

Not only is it efficient, it is all connected through silicon photonics instead of copper wires that provide blazing speeds of data. To handle even more data, it uses memristors instead of standard resistors, which are capable of storing information even when there is no power.

This new system is six times more powerful than any existing server, and eight times more efficient with energy consumption. HP even talks of smartphones with 100 terabytes of memory. Unfortunately, we have to wait until around 2018 to see it at a consumer level, but we can’t wait to see what they are really capable of.