What Makes A Good Logo?

Remember, a logo is intended to convey a message.

The most effective way to convey your message through a logo is simple.
A logo should be just that; simple yet versatile and unique.

An effective logo will always contain these key elements. The logos uniqueness should be memorable. There is a fine line between uniqueness and keeping it simple. Being memorable is achieved by its design being appropriate to conveying the correct message.

An effective logo design will also withstand the hands of time.

Will the logo look good in 20 years?
Some logos have to change with time, but the really good ones barely change over time.

Being versatile is what you want. Your logo should be very flexible and functional. What we mean by this is that logos should always be designed in vector format. This is to ensure your logo is responsive to fit any size and will be compatible across any medium.

Good logo design consists of several aspects to its design to be effective. Creating a balance of simplicity, memorability, versatility, and appropriateness will generate the best logo design. Learn how to implement these into your designs and you will create better logo designs.

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