Outline of a Great Web Development Project

At Creative Reflections Web Design, we don’t just build websites, we build websites that are awesome.

Every great website is built around great planning, and requires a system of checks and balances.
Web development projects need to be outlined and managed properly in order to generate great websites.

In this article, we have included our outline that we use for all of our web design projects. It provides a great base to start with and lays out each step that we use during the entire development process. Please enjoy, and feel free to use our outline on your next web development project.

Outline of great web development

Stage One

1. Define website goals and overall strategy

2.Web Design questionnaire

Outline of great web development

Stage Two

1. Confirmation of website objectives

2. Plan any technologies and functionality

3. Choose web technology

4. Roles and responsibilities

5. Website title

6. Host selection and registration

7. Domain name selection and registration

8. Website structure and architecture

9. Validate Wireframe

Outline of great web development

Stage Three

1. Overall look and feel

2. Choose fonts

3. Color scheme research

4. Standards and templates

5. Basic layout creation XHTML/CSS

6. Layout approval

Outline of great web development

Stage Four

1. Review content

2. Prep media

3. Copyrights, terms of use and privacy policy

4. Contact details

5. Social details

6. About page information

7. Testimonials, reviews and awards

8. Product information

9. FAQ

10. Optimize target keywords in content

11. Proofread

Outline of great web development

Stage Five
Content Integration

1. Merge mockup data with content layout

2. Define headers and paragraphs

3. Identify and add meta tags

4. Label links with anchor tags

5. Make links consistent and easy to identify

6. Add alt tags on all images

7. Provide text based alternatives for all media without alt tags

Outline of great web development

Stage Six

1. Artwork update and creation

2. Logo updates and creation

3. Favicon updates and creation

4. Design header

5. Design main section columns and sidebars

6. Style special fields errors, validation, etc.

7. Design buttons, sprites, etc.

8. Create splash screen

9. Details, details, details

10. Validate design and send to client

Outline of great web development

Stage Seven

1. Build databases

2. CMS, blog, or E-Commerce implementation

3. Forms and scripts

4. Newsletter

5. Custom apps and functionality

6. Restricted areas

7. Account login and registration page

Outline of great web development

Stage Eight
Technical and Usability

1. Make URLs meaningful and user friendly

2. Check URLs consistency

3. Cross browser optimization

4. Create custom 404 error page

5. SEO page titles, descriptions, keywords, OpenGraph, snippets, and TwitterCards

6. Make website print friendly

7. XHTML validation and optimization

8. Protections and .htaccess functions

9. Further security databases, cgi-bin and SSL certificates

Outline of great web development

Stage Nine

1. Web standards

2. Usability test

3. Accessibility test

4. Typography test

5. Content test

6. Design identity test

7. Link testing

8. Transaction testing

9. Correct errors and overall performance

10. Complete offline testing

Outline of great web development

Stage Ten

1. Documentation

2. Upload website

3. Statistics and optimization setup

4. Configure a backup schedule

Outline of great web development

Stage Eleven

1. CMS


3. SEO

4. Other

Outline of great web development

Stage Twelve
Marketing and SEO

1. Create XML sitemap

2. Configure robot.txt

3. Submit to search engines

4. Submit sitemap

5. Internet ads

6. Newsletter and mail campaigns

7. Auto responders

8. Social networking

Outline of great web development

Stage Thirteen
Testing Again

1. SEO testing

2. Marketing testing

3. Optimization testing

4. Database testing

Outline of great web development

Stage Fourteen

1. Write completion report

2. Make a copy of website and databases

3. Write a page with all accounts

4. Wrap up in portfolio and send as a gift

5. Have a party

Outline of great web development

Stage Fifteen

1. New functionality

2. Analytics

3. SEO

4. Submit to search engines

5. Sitemap updates

6. Social networking

7. Backups

8. New pages

9. Website redesign

Outline of great web development

Stage Sixteen

1. Project evaluation

2. SEO review after website is live for 2-4 months

3. Any documentation updates

4. Ongoing roles and responsibilities

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