Open Graph and What it Means to Social Media

If you could create links that engage and entice people to interact with them, would your website benefit from it?

The answer should be yes.
Just like marketing ads that are aimed at a certain target market, Open Graph allows you to style your shared links on social networks.

Text based links serve their purpose, but what about a link that is styled nicely with a title, image, URL and a description about the link? People would be more enticed to interact with such a link, and provide more shares to your website. Think of mascots, why do people like them? They are typically someone dressed up in a costume, yet everyone wants to talk to them just because they now look like a cute bear. If links look welcoming then more people will click them. Each click drives more traffic to your website.

Have you ever noticed how every link you enter into Facebook has a nice appearance to it? It shows a title, an image, URL and a description about the link.

This is all accomplished using Open Graph Protocol.
Web developers can now even style these links using Open Graph Protocol in a websites meta tags.

Each page can even have its own unique title, image, URL, and description. This will provide a website with better sharing capabilities, better SEO results, and a great way to boost traffic to your website.

So how is Open Graph integrated into a website?

It is actually pretty easy to add it if you have some knowledge in web development.
Open Graph is just meta tags that are placed into the HEAD sections of your page.

The images linked to them need to come from an external website, or the best practice is uploading them to your website and linking them to the Open Graph meta tags. More information can be found below.

The bottom line is that every website should embrace this protocol.

If you are serious about your website and use social networking, Open Graph integration is a must.
It is becoming more and more widely used by social networking sites such as Facebook and Linkedin.

Twitter uses a similar method called Twitter Cards that work in the same fashion as Open Graph. These technologies will drive more traffic through social media sharing. Use it, integrate it and treat it as another form of SEO and marketing for your website.

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