Freelance Web Developers vs Do It Yourself Web Design Apps and Software

Has business not taken off like you hoped or is business slow?

If you answered yes to either of these, we have some very important tools for you to get it moving.
Sometimes word of mouth and things such as flyers, business cards, brochures, and social networking just aren’t enough to get your business the recognition it deserves and needs to be successful.

Through education and experience, we quickly learned the best tool for any business is having a quality website built by a professional web developer. Listen closely as we explain to you why it is important to have a professional build your website instead of using apps and software to do it on your own. There are many reasons to leave it to the professionals and the biggest reason being is that they cannot only customize it to a much higher extent for you, but also your page will come up much higher on the search results on search engines. Web designers and developers are trained on utilizing SEO, aka search engine optimization. These apps and programs that allow you to build a website are very basic and poorly built period and your page will go nowhere. Not only that, but you are very limited on customizing your website and it will not stand out from your competitors. Sometimes it’s best to spend some to make some and this is one of those cases.

A great web developer will be able to take your ideas and turn them into reality and should be able to educate you on what options are available to you.

A website is just a waste of time if it’s not built for functionality.
Functionality is the ease of use and allows potential and existing customers to easily find what information they are looking for, and a great web developer knows exactly how to do this.

Web developers also know what can and cannot be done and what is and isn’t a good idea to implement into a website. Sure you can put together a basic website on your own if you’re lucky, but it really is worth contracting a web developer to do it for you, and you can even have them continue regular maintenance and SEO so you don’t have to.

Now that you understand why you should leave websites to the professionals, we want to give you some tips on choosing a web developer or designer.

First, search around on the internet and go to their websites.
Look at their portfolios, examples and creativity.

Keep in mind that ultimately the clients decide on the colors, design, layout, and content, so don’t choose a designer based solely on their portfolios and examples. A great web developer will, however, try to steer clients away from implementing things on their website that may slow down its load time and other things such as poor contrasts in the color schemes that the client wishes to use and more. Look at whether there are mistakes, look at client feedback and contact the web developer to get a feel for them as a designer.

Of course pricing makes a difference in choosing a web developer as well, but cheap is not necessarily better.

You are investing in your business when you have a website created, therefore it is worth the money especially because it is the most effective way to build business and an online presence.
Social media can get you pretty far, but not everyone uses social media websites and not everyone thinks to look up businesses on these websites.

Therefore having an actual website for your business is much smarter and can be found by many more people. Not only that, but on your website you can have direct links to your social media pages, thus helping build business even more. Most web developers will also put links on their website to their clients websites to help market them. What more could you want?

So, we learned the importance of contracting a web developer over using apps and software to try to create your own, and why it’s worth the investment. Hopefully you truly take this into consideration because, trust us, most people regret trying it on their own, and then they are out the money spent on the apps and software. Do it right the first time around and you will be very glad you did.

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