Check Out the Newest in 2014 for Mobile Technology

Smartphones have paved the way for future technology, and have become a technology that most use daily.

Once just a phone, we now hold in our hands a device that can do things once only seen in science fiction movies.
Each year, technology advancements provide more and more interactivity with their users, helping you with something.

Whether it be tools, controlling devices, or even simply new ways to connect with friends.

In 2014 we will only see more technology put into these devices, and even now 64 bit architecture. This will allow better framework for their operating systems along with more capabilities of their apps. This is great technology, but with it, will take time to be fully implemented, and secondly, it will take time for the programmers to learn its full potential. Give it a year or so and you should see it all in full effect.

Spatial sensitivity will be integrated into new devices.

This allows your device to better track its own motion.
These motion coprocessors will provide less consumption from the cpu which allows more computing and an extended battery life when using such technology.

Not only for runners, this technology will open the door to these devices and the world around them.

Beacons are little bluetooth devices that connect with your phone to provide information depending on where you are. Such as in a store, it would provide further information about products, prices, and reviews, and at a sports stadium to track stats and view scores.

Miracast will open new doors for streaming media.

Streaming media across mobile devices can be a headache, and may differ depending on which kind of device you are on.
Miracast hopes to solve these issues and help ease the headache of streaming media across different platforms and devices.

These are just a few technologies to watch for in 2014.

Each year, more people are using smartphones and tablets. This market is huge and is only getting bigger. With its huge market, companies are putting a lot of time and money into creating the next big thing in the mobile world. We look forward to embracing this new technology and seeing what 2015 brings.

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