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Web Developer
I enjoy life as a web developer

I have always had an interest in web development, graphic design and computer technology. I was 14 when I taught myself enough html and was able to build my first website. I love expressing my creative side. Anything from drawing, art, writing, to designing websites, I truly love what I do. My ability to solve problems started at a young age also. I love figuring things out and providing solutions. I want to know how it works and have a great ability of fixing things. These skills give me an edge in web development and with computer technology. My drive and problem solving skills allow me to fully analyze an issue and properly implement the best solution. Whether it is a programming issue or a mechanical one I can fix that.

Born and raised in Spokane, WA my childhood paved the way for my success as a web developer and owner of Creative Reflections Web Design. My hobbies became my profession and I love it.

When I take off my developers cape I am a dad. I spend every moment with my beautiful wife and our two children. Life is to short and kids grow up way to fast, so as a family we enjoy life, it brings out our creative side. The outdoors, camping, and landscaping our yard are things we enjoy as a family. My hobbies include drawing, writing, music, cars, and basketball.


Web Development, Content Management Systems, E-Commerce Solutions, Internet Marketing, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Social Networking, and Computer Technology

Associates of Arts and Science, CIW Web Foundations Associate Certification, CIW Web Design Professional Certification, CIW Web Development Professional Certification Web Design, Web Development and Computer Technology


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Being born and raised in Spokane, Washington has allowed me to meet many different types of people, thus allowing me to keep an open mind and successfully write for anyone on any topic. My creativity, education, and experience give me an edge when it comes to writing.

Although my degree is not relative to writing, I took many college courses that helped me become a better writer, as well as a business owner. I have taken small business planning, writing courses, customer service, computers, psychology, accounting, and many more.

I graduated high school early at age sixteen and completed college by nineteen. I have drive and dedication that has lead to my success and also helps lead our clients to success as well.


Content Writing, Web Design Process, Internet Marketing, and Social Networking

I have been writing poetry and song lyrics since I was very small. Eventually I began also writing books, articles, slogans, content writing, and have gained many new writing skills. My passion for writing continues to grow with each day that passes. I enjoy helping people and my writing skills allow me to do so when it comes to business and personal needs.

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